Serious accident!
tirsdag 24. mai 2011 20:28


He was out skating alone on slow rubber wheels (nr.2) in the rollerskitrack, Konnerud, Drammen, when he out of a sudden, with great pace, hit the asfalt with his head first. He wore a helmet made by Casco (ares), and fortunate, the amazing helmet saved his life.




After several scannings at the hospital today, it seems like his brain and neck is in good shape. ...but he has lost a lot of his memory. We hope this is only temporary, and that he will recover very soon! There are only minor damage to muscles and bones.


If there are any important appointments in the future, it's recommended that you email him very soon to reinform: - ragnar(a) This is also very important, and will help him with the recovery of his memory.


THANK YOU to everyone involved after the accident.


More news will come directly from Ragnar once he is back in good shape.

We all hope Ragnar will get back very soon!

Best wishes from Lars-Ingar Bragvin Andresen and the rest of his family.