Finally home after the accident.
onsdag 25. mai 2011 13:57

Still not being concious, Ragnar went a couple of kilometers in the wrong direction, down to the ski-stadium in Konnerud. After saying the same sentence 8 times at the stadium, a man called the ambulance. He was taken good care of the half hour before the medical help got there, not letting him fall asleep. (Thank you!)

This is the last thing he remembers from Konnerud. There are only glimps from the ambulance, mostly himself talking jibberish :)  


Today, after a night without any sleep and constant observation, Ragnar is back in Oslo, celebrating life with cake and coffee. His helmet has broken in 4 places among other cracks and stones, and the rubber wheels on the skis are burnt. There are minor outer damage on face and right shoulder, no bones are broken, and it seems like he will recover after a few days with rest and ease.

He`s taking every precautions, but wants to be back in training as soon as possible. The accident hasn`t produced any fear, only more life-experience, if we might say so. With an exciting season ahead, Ragnar is really looking forward to every competition!

Still, if you have any appointments with Ragnar in the near future, make sure to reinform him by sending him an email: ragnar(a)

He will update this site himself once his head is back on track :) We`re all very thankful to the man on rollerblades who helped him at the stadium, and to the medical personel who took good care of him.

Thank you!

Best wishes from Lars-Ingar.